SUP LOVIN is small, Kelowna home-based company with a BIG heart and a little footprint.
Here at SUP LOVIN, we believe, as a society, 
do not slow down, we will eventually stress ourselves to death.
Plain and simple.
SUP LOVIN was born from the passion to share a message of love, hope and healing.
SUP is healing. SUP is connecting. SUP is grounding.
Grounding our minds, bodies, and spirit.
SUP is so much more than a sport.  
It's a way of life.  
 From Hawaii, to the Cook Islands, to the UK, to Ireland, to Iceland
and of course, to Canada, 
all around the world, we are connected by our love for SUP.
SUP LOVIN wants to leverage this shared love and help spread peace around the world.
Seriously, have you ever met an angry SUP'er?  I bet not. 
SUP LOVIN is stoked to share innovative products and
soulful, beautiful apparel that help to keep you connected to the feeling
that can only come from a peaceful paddle.    
Thank you for stopping by and helping us spread SUP LOVIN around the world.